My name is Alessandro Stefano Bertolini.
I was born in Milan in 1959. The month was May, the day  6.

I could start a novel by these few words but it could be another story.

My two first names remember my two grandfathers. It was a  decision of my parents and in their choice I was lucky. My grandfathers had beautiful names.

My last name is common in the county where I work, but my beginning is in other place.

My family lived in Milan since two hundred years and this always remains in my heart. If during my work I meet somebody, I like to know if he comes from Milan or has my same age.

When I was six, my family decided changing home. They decided to live in a new apartment in Bollate, few miles far from Milan. In that place my parents live at this time and going back there I find the emotions when I was child.

Before University I attended the high school in Milan, Liceo Classico Alessandro Manzoni. It was the school where I became adult.

I studied Medicine at Milan University and I had my degree in 1984.

After I have taken two different specialties at Pavia University: Internal Medicine (1989) and Oncology (1994).

I work as hospital physician since 1987, chancing different hospitals.

In 2001 I was in Fatebenefratelli Hospital of Milan, in Oncology unit directed by a big teacher and dear friend, Alberto Scanni. Thanks to this decision and his teaching I learned the Directorís work.

In 2004 I became Director too, leader of Oncology Unit in Sondrio Hospital, where Iím still working.

I am member of important Italian (AIOM, CIPOMO) and American cancer association (ASCO).

My first hobby is my work in hospital, which gives me emotions and satisfactions.

When I donít work with patients, I like to write novels, thinking to me.

I am not famous in this idea, because I like to write just for me and not to be important.

This is a hobby that opens to me a world of dreams. Writing I fell well.

I live with my family in Colico, on Como Lake.

I like to stay there, it seems to be on holiday.